Infobox Shortcodes

Infobox Shortcodes

Shortcode Usage

[infobox fullwidth="" If true, the infobox will take up the whole available width
Contents here

Other types:

[infobox_check] [infobox_cross] [infobox_warn] [infobox_feature]

Infobox Types and Examples

Put some information or notable text here

Success message or cool features here

Error message or a bad note here

Warnings, alerts or important notices here

Featured items or starred items here

You can put other shortcodes inside
I'm a button

This is a fullwidth infobox

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<h2>Infobox Types and Examples</h2>


[infobox]Put some information or notable text here[/infobox]

[infobox_check]Success message or cool features here[/infobox_check]

[infobox_cross]Error message or a bad note here[/infobox_cross]


[col2 last="true"]

[infobox_warn]Warnings, alerts or important notices here[/infobox_warn]

[infobox_feature]Featured items or starred items here[/infobox_feature]


Some text here<br>[button color="orange" style="float: right"]Learn more[/button]




[infobox fullwidth="true"]This is a fullwidth infobox[/infobox]