HTML5 Video Shortcode

HTML5 Video Shortcode

Why Use The HTML5 Shortcode?

HTML5 Video Pros

  • Works in iPhones and iPads
  • Does not depend on Flash technology to play videos
  • Fallback for old browsers such as IE8
  • HTML5 is awesome

HTML5 Video Cons:

  • You’ll have to upload 3 formats of videos: mp4, ogv and webm

You can use the free software Miro Video Converter to convert your video to different formats. The admin and TinyMCE buttons both display a guide on how to do this along with easy-to-use video uploaders.

Shortcode Usage

[video mp4=""             The video in mp4 format
       ogv=""             The video in ogv format
       webm=""            The video in webm format
       width="560"        The width of the video
       height="349"       The height of the video
       autoplay="false"   If true, the video will play automatically after it loads
       autobuffer="false" If true, the video will start loading after it loads. This is automatically
                          true if autoplay is true
       loop="false"       If true, the video will start from the beginning when it reaches the end
       controls="true"    If true, video playback controls will be displayed
       previewimage=""    A URL for a preview image to use when the video is not playing


[video autoplay="true" loop="false" controls="true" 
mp4="elephants_dream.mp4" ]