Mind The App is a creative mobile APP developer company.

Mobile Experiences

Mind the App designs and develops innovative mobile and tablet APPs. We create meaningful digital user experiences based on our customer requirements whatever the purpose of the APP is. We are located in BARCELONA but we think worldwide.

Creative Team

We are a multidisciplinary and flexible team (designers, UX, developers, media editors, illustrators…) working together to innovate in every APP. We are focused on creating mobile experiences for any device with the technology required (IOS, Android, HTML5…).

B2C & B2B APPs

We enjoy working with branded content APPs, transmedia APPs, B2B APPs, kids APPs, utility APPs, digital Publishing APPs… Every new customer proposal is a challenge to create a different way to interact and communicate through an innovative APP.

So, you know, if you have any mobile idea, mind us, Mind The App.

PS: We not only work for our customers! We also work on our own digital publishing projects based on enhanced APPbooks.
Have a look at www.enhancingebooks.com